Based in the heart of Ocala, Good Apple Development Corporation is Central Florida's premiere developer and builder. Our award-winning team has been setting the standard of quality and excellence in our industry. The company first began by framing hotels and condominiums, and has since progressed into building custom residential homes, large estate homes and farms and ranches in beautiful Ocala, Florida, along with breathtaking condominiums, townhouses and commercial projects.

Jeff Gutapfel

Jeff Gutapfel
Jeff Gutapfel, President/C.E.O.
Good Apple Development Company

Since 1976, Jeff Gutapfel's passion for building, his drive to do it right the first time, and his belief of growth through customer service have established the motto for his company, "Building Quality For You!" This belief is publicized on all of the company vehicles, media and stationery as a constant reminder to the Good Apple team of the dedication that is required to be successful.

This formula has proven effective for Jeff. The belief in what he does along with his love for people, has ignited tremendous growth. In the beginning, when his company framed hotels and condominiums, he applied these same principles that have catapulted Good Apple to where it is today. He plans to expand through Good Apple Realty and Good Apple Marketing to reach home buyers and investors who continue to experience the value and investment in Florida Real Estate.

When driving through one of Jeff's many projects, you will likely meet him as he is hands-on with all his endeavors. He truly believes that your home bears his personal reputation and personally performs quality checks so both you and he will be proud of your new home.

Project Time Management/I.T.

Our Project Managers and Project Superintendents team together and come up with great management skills to keep us on the cutting edge of building technology for our homes. Our state-of-the-art management software that keeps our projects running on-time, as well as materials and budget on target, are a prime emphasis for our managers. Our team knows the importance of time management to get the home completed on schedule, and as a result, the quality is second to none.


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